Why custom

Ready to wear clothing are mass produced which means there is a big chance that one day you will bump into someone wearing the exact dress as yours. This can be heartbreaking. Uniqueness is one of the reasons why getting an attire customized is important. You can never go wrong in wearing a one of a kind suit.

Another advantage of customized dresses is that they will be produced according to your size and you will have full control on the measurement and fitting. No matter how simple a dress is, the person wearing a perfectly fit dress will always look at his best.

The personalization of a garment is another reason to consider custom dresses, since you have the flexibility to choose the fabric. In addition, numerous extra details add special interest on what can be a dull garment. The elements such as colored button holes, neck lining, and pockets can be added with ease which can reflect the character and fashion taste of the wearer.

Finest Fabrics

Our garments are all crafted of fabrics from the finest mills in the world. Luxury starts with premium materials, so we insist on using only the best.

Our designers search the fashion runways around the globe and work with premier Textile mills to source fabrics that are not only in trend but also of high quality, feel and caliber.

Perfect Fit

Most of us have great difficulty in fitting into the typical standard sizes. While a good garment brand may provide quality, the size is not always appropriate. For example, either the jacket’s length land up being too long or pants are often quite loose at the thighs and yet still tight on the waist or the shirt flares up like a balloon when you tuck it in.

This is because, these garments are made for the standard body types, thus, fitting the most of us terribly. On the other hand, your family tailor would very well understand your fit, body type but the hassle of explaining to him what you exactly want and the multiple visits & trials tire you down. This is the reason which gave birth to Expert Stitch.

Exceptional Value

Directly from our high quality manufacturers, our products are delivered to you at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match.

Personal Touch

There’s a lot of flexibility when choosing to wear custom clothing. Not only is it designed to your style and specifications, but it will fit like no other kind of pre-made clothing.

When you create a custom wardrobe, you can personalize not only the fabric but also the linings, buttons, styling details and silhouette.

In fact, all garments are created based on your specific preferences, fabric selection and style.