How it works

EXPERTSTITCH is perhaps the first Indian online fashion brand to provide 3D visualization for its products.

The days you wore bad fitting garments belong to the past. We have developed an interactive online application bringing a digital fitting room into the coziness of your home. The interactive application offers a visual preview of the final result. You are now able to add, remove and combine elements. Placing an order is as easy, even for people who are first time internet shoppers. Make good use of the latest technology, combined with the finesse of classic tailoring, the finest raw materials and the online convenience. There is no doubt that our services will exceed your expectations.

Customize Your Style

You get to choose every detail of your garment - be it the collar, cuff, pleats, pocket and so on, down to the smallest button. The choice is all YOURS. Show the real Fashionista in you.

You can also leave the styling to us and proceed directly with the default settings for the customizations.

Choose the Fabric

We all need pure oxygen for living healthily. Similarly vital aspect of the garment is the fabric - the first element that goes into defining your look.

Pick a fabric of your choice from our wide collection sourced from reputed mills. We pay close attention to what's popular, in fashion and high quality to ensure that your wardrobe is always up to date with the newest trends across the globe.

Add Measurements

We have incorporated a measurement system that gives utmost care to your ease & convenience.

Choose any one of the four options to provide us with your measurements and let our designers & tailors craft a garment to fit you perfectly.

Body Measurements

Our garments can be tailored according to your specific body measurements to ensure a great fit the first time itself.

To begin, you will need a measuring tape and another person to assist you with the measuring. Follow our easy step-by-step guide to create your measurement profile.

Garment Measurements

If you are satisfied with the fit of a garment you already own, you can get your garments tailored to that fit. Follow the easy step-by-step guide and use a measuring tape to create your measurement

Send a Garment

Do you like fitting of a garment already owned by you? All you have to do is send us your best fit garment and we will use its measurements to make the new garment. For your trouble, we will also credit your account with a certain amount against the shipment cost borne by you.

Standard Sizes

If you get good fit wearing standard sizes, go ahead and select this option for a quick and easy order.

Do consult our size chart to ensure you choose the appropriate size. You can also make adjustments to these standard sized measurements for a more individual fit to match your persona.