Alterations & Remakes


• Expert Stitch reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation for doing so, as per the circumstances where the requirement could not be met. The company will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in reasonable time.

• Cancellations by customers will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the process of producing/ shipping your garment has been started. Expert Stitch holds all the rights to accept or decline any cancellations.

• Any modifications to your order would also be governed by the above terms.

No returns will be accepted for custom garments. Due to the fact that every product is 100% individually custom-tailored and handcrafted just for you, we do not offer returns/refunds. This is standard practice for custom-tailored products as there is no resale value. In case you receive a defected product, it will be exchanged for free.

• Expert Stitch holds the right to accept returns/cancellations, ask for pictures of you wearing the garment to indicate the problem areas.

• If you are not satisfied with your custom garment or require us to alter the product, please email us on – support@expertstitch.com

• All returns/ alterations need to be self – shipped by the customer.

• You can request an alteration in the following situations:

• You can request an alteration in the following situations:

1. There is an error on our part in terms of order execution or shipment.

2. If the measurement of your garment is not within the tolerable limits of the instructions provided by you.

If for any reason your custom made garment is not tailored in the above scenarios according to the selected style, fit or profile measurements; please contact us within 2 days of receiving your garment.

• On receipt of the package, you will be credited up to Rs. 100, as reimbursement for the shipping charges, if borne by you. Any changes made in the size (post the alteration) will be communicated to you and automatically saved in your measurement profile.

• Unsealed goods should not be accepted at the time of delivery. Returns/cancellations of unsealed products will not be accepted.

• Returned items must be unused and unwashed. The garment should be returned with its original tag. Expert Stitch does not hold responsibility for any damages caused during the transit.

• On receipt of the returned goods, a quality check will be performed. Only on satisfaction of our expert, the entire refund amount along with reimbursement for the shipping charges borne up to Rs. 100 will be credited in the form of a store credit into your Expert Stitch’s account.

• A notification with the return status shall be communicated to the consumer within 48-72 working hours from the time of receipt.

• Please Note: if the custom made garment was tailored to the selected style, fit and profile measurements, but the measurements provided by you were incorrect, then we cannot guarantee an alteration or store credit; however, we will gladly help and resolve your concern for your next purchase.

• Please be aware that sometimes there are visible chalk marks on our tailored garments which will dissolve after the first washing.

• For any more queries on our return policies, please email us on – support@expertstitch.com

Refund amount for all returned items will be credited to your ’Expert Stitch account’ only in the form of Store Credit Balance, which can be used for other purchases. The consumer may check the same by clicking on ‘My Account’ on visiting www.expertstitch.com.

To adjust your garment and apply for a refund, please follow these steps:

1. Take your garment to a local tailor and ask him to indicate all changes on our Alterations Form: Download the Alterations Form

Expert Stitch tries to offer a Perfect Fit for all its products. This includes:

Take your garments to any local tailor and we will refund the cost of the alterations*,**

To request a refund for the alterations, the following steps need to be followed:

Ask your local tailor for the details about the alterations made (Fill in the form)

Access your Expert Stitch user account and go to the “ALTERATIONS REFUND” section. Upload a scanned copy of your receipt as well as the Alterations Form indicating the changes made by your tailor.

ExpertStitch will refund you the costs* within 72 hours after receiving of the bill given by local tailor.

If the alterations are due to of change in size, misdiscription of size etc., minor alterations given by you, we are not responsible for the alterations.

The right of refund of any kind will be reserved to our company and it will be allowed subject to the satisfaction of our expert.

The following conditions apply for the refund of the alteration costs:

• You must apply for the refund within 10 days after receiving the order

• Costs will only be reimbursed if you request them through "new support ticket" in your user account

• Costs will only be reimbursed if you request them through "new support ticket" in your user account

* Rs.500: Three-piece suits and ceremony suits

* Rs.400: Two-piece suits and coats

* Rs.100: Waist Coats, Pants, Shirts

** The bill for alteration has to be send to our address for refund either through post or on our email id. You can also Upload a scanned copy of tailor’s receipt to your Expert Stitch Account.

On rare occasions, a local tailor will not be able to adjust your garment. In those cases, where the garment cannot be adjusted, due to defect in stitching, only after satisfaction of our expert and subject to conditions mentioned here, we will proceed to make a similar remake.

To apply for a remake, please access your user account and open a Support Ticket within 2 days from the receipt of your order. Describe your issue as accurately as possible (you will also be asked to send pictures of the garment).

One of our agents will contact you within the next 24-48 hours. After verifying your case, you will be asked to send your garment to our offices (located in India) to proceed to the remake of your garment.

Expert Stitch reserves the right to deny remake requests in circumstances where alterations can be made by a local tailor.

Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

Due to the limited fabric supply, some items may be unavailable to be remade. In that case, you may be asked to choose an alternative fabric for your new garment.