About Us

We are a young and vibrant company that aims to provide best quality branded products as per your liking, fitting and preference.

At Expert Stitch we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Convenience” possible. Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced team, agile measuring systems and state of the art stitching centers provides customer with:

  • Broader selection of products
  • Superior buying experience
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Quick resolution of any concerns

Expertstitch.com, which is perhaps the first in India of its kind, is a proof of our commitment with the market, in which we are very pleased and will continue to proudly serve.

We really believe in direct marketing strategies of the companies and by way of this, providing the benefits to our customers. We are proud to say that our business associates are authorised dealers of brands like Raymond, Linen Club, J.Hampstead, Reid & Taylor, Digjam, Century, Arvind, R & Y Fabrics, Siyaram’s, D&J, and many more.

Since its inception, Expert Stitch has grown with the people. We are thankful to all of you for giving your support in generating ideas, events, and breakthroughs that laid the foundations upon which we stand today.

The seeds of our parent group, The Kumar group, were planted early in the 19th century. Throughout the early years of our country, the roots of our group took hold and the seedlings grew, flourished, and gave rise to an organization that works for the people every day.

In no time, Expert Stitch has become a one stop shop of the dress code for a loyal fan following of the discerning and distinguished across the globe. You say it and we have it. We are not into various market gimmicks to make profits. Quality, variety and reliability are what we provide.

The last three decades have been a period of great change within the country and the business scenario. But we are obliged to say that we are still sticking to our business ethics and principles and the ways of doing business. There have been numerous amounts of transformations in people and the business environment, where there is emphasis on profit and professionalism only. But with your love, care, belief and support, Expert Stitch has become an organization that continues to evolve to meet the needs of the people.

Although we know that in coming years, we are going to witness even more of challenges and threats. But, with your support, we are sure that we will continue with our fair business traits and policies.